You may have noticed that our live water kefir grains are a bit different than the average water kefir grains. Most kefir you see around the internet is white or a very creamy tan. You may be used to seeing water kefir grains with very little to no color. So why is Poseymom water kefir so dark, a deep, rich brown?

In order to answer that question, let’s first keep one thing in mind from the start: water kefir grains are alive.

They are a living culture of yeast and bacteria. And, just as any living thing–a person, let’s say–may look healthy or sickly just by the tone of their skin, living water kefir grains show how healthy they are by their color as well. White or colorless grains may show that the probiotic cultures in the kefir are not very healthy. The result for you? The kefir may not last very many batches before dying off.

Very Pale Grains

A Little Better

Poseymom Grains

Brown Equals Healthy

So the darker the kefir grains, the deeper and richer the amber/brown of the culture, the healthier the grains likely are. We also believe that darker, healthier grains produce a richer, smoother, more satisfying taste when you drink the water.

You may now be wondering, though, how you can keep your water kefir grains that healthy brown. Or, if you bought water kefir from someone else and they arrived in the mail washed out and pale looking, you may want to work to make your grains as rich and healthy as ours. How can you do that?

Minerals and Molasses

We already said that kefir is a living thing, a culture that can either be healthy or sickly. So what do water kefir grains eat? In a word: sugar. Water kefir grains, when placed in sugar water, will eat the sugar, fermenting the water, producing a healthy probiotic drink that will do wonders to your digestive system.

But let’s think about that a little, shall we? Does it sound logical that a living thing would eat only one kind of food? Do you know any people that eat nothing but, let’s say, oranges and nothing else? If you do, it’s virtually guaranteed that such a person isn’t very healthy. We need variety in our diet, and so do water kefir grains.

That is why we give our water kefir grains a rich, well-rounded diet. We use brown sugar instead of something heavily refined. Brown sugar has minerals and such naturally, perfect for helping water kefir stay healthy.

We also use molasses when growing our water kefir. Molasses is full of natural vitamins and minerals.

So, what can you do?

In our instructions for growing water kefir, we suggest using sugar and some source of minerals, such as molasses, raisins, and several other options. With every batch of water kefir you grow, you’ll need to add ONE or those mineral options, changing out which source you use every so often to keep variety in your kefir’s diet.

For example, you may use brown sugar and molasses with every batch. But, every couple of batches, why not throw in a couple of raisins or a few drops of trace minerals? Change things up, and your kefir will stay healthier longer!