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We sell award-winning, home-grown, probiotic products, such as live water kefir grains and live kombucha scobies, as well as probiotics-and-health-related T-shirts and apparel.

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What We Offer

Probiotic Products

We sell only the best water kefir and kombucha tea products, live cultures that can improve your digestive system and overall health.

Tips and Tricks

We want to spread the word about probiotics and health, and that’s why we offer so much information on kefir and kombucha, for free on our site.

T-Shirts and Apparel

Show the world you care about your health! We sell probiotics-and-health-related T-shirts and apparel, in a variety of styles and colors to fit all different tastes.

Healthy-Based Dialog

We know that, to change the world, you first have to change the conversation. With that in mind, we reach out to our customers through encouraging and educational dialog.

Water Kefir

Water kefir is a probiotic beverage made from growing live water kefir grains in your home. With our starter pack of active water kefir grains, you’ll have delicious and nutricious water kefir drinks in no time. Buy direct from us by adding a starter pack to your cart right away. All our prices include free shipping to anywhere in the United States! Also, check out our free online growing instructions by clicking the button below.

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is made by fermenting black (or other kinds) of tea with a live kombucah scoby. With our starter pack, including a beautiful, active scoby and a generous helping of starter tea, you’ll have everything you need to start producing your own kombucha tea in just a couple of days. Buy direct from us, and we offer free shipping! Also, check out our free growing instructions by clicking the button below.

Our T-Shirts

Show your love for Poseymom, probiotics, or being healthy with these amazing T-shirts. New designs are added all the time!

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We love giving you the purchasing options that make you feel great. So, in addition to selling direct on our website, we offer the same  amazing, 5-star probiotic products is on Amazon. Click the link below to see what products we are currently offering. We guarantee each package we ship!

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Important Note: When you order on Amazon, always make sure your order is being fulfilled by us, Poseymom! Other vendors may try and imitate our products and pass them off as the real deal, but we can’t vouch for the quality of your order if you didn’t actually buy from us.