Welcome of the Monthly Deal!

Starting this month, we’ll be posting a new MONTHLY DEAL at the beginning of each month. Take advantage of each month’s deal to get some great savings.


Act Fast to Save Big!

New deals expire at the end of each month, so don’t wait around to take advantage. You don’t want to miss out, do you? Come back to our blog for new deals each month.

This Month’s Deal

This month, we’re offering Priority Mail to bulk probiotic buyers.

That’s right, if you buy three(3) or more probiotic products (not including T-shirts) and we’ll upgrade your shipping automatically to Priority Mail.

Have a friend in mind that might enjoy a Kombucha Starter Kit? Or, perhaps your neighbor had been asking about kefir and you’d like to get some as a gift. If you get three or more Kefir of Kombucha, you’ll get your order faster and safer with Priority Mail.

Remember, this deal ends July 31, so don’t miss out on this free shipping upgrade.


Every month, we’ll be swiching to a new deal or promotion. Check back here, on our website, to see what new opportunities away you! On top of that, we are constantly adding new T-shirts to our catalog. Perhaps one of our new designs will strike your fancy!