Just like the train that could, you’ve made it over the daunting hill of summer’s heat, that scorching  summit of sunny days and not-cool-enough nights. Yes, you charged through the hottest days of the year, chanting your mantra: “I think I can, I think I can!” And you made it to the other side. It’ll be downhill from here. Before you know it, autumn will be knocking at the doonr.

You fought the heat and won. You beat it with cold lemonade and splashing beaches and an unprecedented electric bill.

You should be proud of yourselves. In fact, you deserve something special. That’s why we’re giving our biggest discount yet this month as part of the monthly deal!

In fact, we’re offering 25% off this month! What do you have to do to take advantage of this amazing deal?

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Did you know we had a Facebook page? We recently set it up to be a central hub for both Poseymom News and information, as well as interaction with our customers. If you haven’t already, go to our Facebook page here and give us a like. You won’t be sorry.

On that page, we’re constantly adding advice, health news, hot deals, and more. Occasionally, monthly deals and contests will be hosting on the page, meaning the only way to know about them is if you’re connected to us on Facebook.

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Once you’re on our Facebook page, you’ll quickly find the promo code for September. We’ll be posting a new post about it a couple of times through the month to remind you to use the code before it expires at the end of the month. While you’re at it, you may enjoy the amazing news and tips we post regularly on the page.

Question: What can I expect from Poseymom in the future? Answer: Videos and so much more

In the months to come, we’ll have several more unique T-shirts, as well as instructional videos on health and probiotics. In those videos we’ll also work to answer all your most common questions about growing kombucha and kefir. On top of that, this site will start posting regular health-related articles, all to help you meet your ongoing health goals!

How can you be sure to get all that amazing content? Simply make sure you’re following our Facebook page!

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So what are you waiting for?