Once upon a time, the Poseymom website was simple a place for our customers from Ebay and Amazon to get free instructions on how to take care of their probiotic products. It didn’t stay that simple for long. Later, our site came to include an online store, where our customers could buy water kefir, milk kefir, and kombucha tea direct from us. Until a few months ago, that was the norm. However, because of circumstances beyond our control, we had to cut things back.

Now, after countless hours of work from our fantastic web development team, we have this, new website, complete with the option to buy probiotic products directly from us!

As an added bonus, you can now also purchase T-shirts and apparel–products that advertise to all your friends and family that you are a probiotic pro!

We hope you enjoy our site, and we hope you come back from time to time, as we work to expand our line of T-shirts, add videos to the instruction pages, and publish FAQ blog posts to answer you top questions about health, kefir, and kombucha tea.