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Norwex—a Probiotic-Safe Cleaning Solution

Norwex microfiber kitchen cloths remove harmful germs without any chemicals—meaning they are 100% safe for your probiotic-abundant home! Use the link below to shop Norwex’s catalog—the only cleaning solution that is Poseymom approved. SHOP NORWEX NOW Here at Poseymom, we’ve talked before about the dangers of antibacterial products and cleaners. Even washing your hands with antibacterial soap can harm your kombucha or kefir because that poisonous residue can harm the culture when you interact with it. Likewise, bleach is incredibly dangerous as a cleaner because it can hurt your probiotic culture, too. Remember that your probiotics are a culture (or a community) of living things such as bacteria and yeast. Strong cleaning products—like bleach—or anything with the word “antibacterial” on the label...

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What is Water Kefir?

When you first heard the term water kefir, you were probably like, "Water what?" Kefir is not something most people know about these days. So what exactly is it? And why is it good for you? Read on to find out. Simply put, water kefir is a culture, a living growth of beneficial bacteria and yeast. I like to think of the culture as a civilization of tiny creatures, looking to make a new home in your gut. That may sound strange, but remember that there are already millions of microscopic creatures living inside us, called our microbiome. So water kefir is just strengthening something that is already inside all of us all the time! In fact, you could think...

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Did COVID-19 Ruin Your Priobiotics?

Are you having trouble keeping your kefir or kombucha cultures alive ever since the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s why. The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone much more health-conscious. Even when masks are no longer a major part of our daily lives, and many social-distancing restrictions are being lifted, it isn’t uncommon to see someone wiping their shopping carts with anti-bacterial wet towels at the entrance of grocery stores. Plus, many public buildings now have anti-bacterial gel dispensers at their entrances. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral labels are multiplying inside of grocery stores, too. Soaps, laundry detergents, and cleaners of all kinds are going out of their way to talk about how powerful their products are against germs and viruses, including COVID-19. And those...

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