Norwex—a Probiotic-Safe Cleaning Solution

Norwex microfiber kitchen cloths remove harmful germs without any chemicals—meaning they are 100% safe for your probiotic-abundant home! Use the link below to shop Norwex’s catalog—the only cleaning solution that is Poseymom approved.


Here at Poseymom, we’ve talked before about the dangers of antibacterial products and cleaners. Even washing your hands with antibacterial soap can harm your kombucha or kefir because that poisonous residue can harm the culture when you interact with it. Likewise, bleach is incredibly dangerous as a cleaner because it can hurt your probiotic culture, too.

Remember that your probiotics are a culture (or a community) of living things such as bacteria and yeast. Strong cleaning products—like bleach—or anything with the word “antibacterial” on the label can easily kill some of that healthy bacteria in the culture, throwing off the balance of the culture and putting it at risk of slow growth, mold, or even death.

We’ve long told our customers to steer clear of bleach or antibacterial cleaners in their all-purpose cleaners, dish soaps, and hand soaps. And we know about these dangers from experience! Years ago, we discovered that washing our jars and utensils with antibacterial soaps or using bleach on the counters we’d later use when dealing with our probiotics would lead to sickly kombucha SCOBYs or weak water/milk kefir grains. So we started insisting on using only soaps and cleaners that did not include any mention of antibacterial products.

Norwex—the Best Solution We’ve Ever Seen

That leads us to the product mentioned at the outset of this article. We stumbled across Norwex recently and quickly realized it was a game-changer for any home that grows probiotics. Why is that?

Well, Norwex is antibacterial, but it has no harmful chemicals. It leaves behind no residue. So that means that any surface that has been cleaned with a Norwex microfiber cloth wont threaten the health of your probiotic products in the least.

So how does Norwex work? Well, you can go here to read more about their science straight from them, but here’s the process in two simple steps:

  1. The microfiber cloth actually scrapes 99.9% of bacteria from any surface it wipes this is because of the design of the fibers themselves.
  2. Silver that has been laced into the microfiber kills bacteria the cloth has wiped up, meaning the cloth basically cleans itself over time—all without any chemicals or residue.

That’s a very basic explanation, but the results are amazing. And that’s why we now believe Norwex is the best cleaning solution for any kitchen or home where probiotics are grown.

Skeptical? We Were Too

Skeptical? Think it’s too good to be true? Well, to be completely honest, we felt the same way ourselves. It wasn’t until we tried the products out, using black lights to test surfaces after being wiped down with the cloths to see just how good a job they do at removing harmful bacteria from countertops, cutting boards, dishes, and even toilet seats.

We don’t pretend to understand all of the science behind these cloths. But we’ve seen the results with our own two eyes. And, from the moment we saw these things in action, we knew they’d be completely safe in the Poseymom kitchen because there aren’t any chemicals involved.

Give Norwex a Try—If You Want

We signed up to be an independent sales consultant for Norwex products because this is the first brand we’ve encountered that we can 100% stand behind. So if you’d like, browse their catalogue and see if any of the products might be right for you.

Of course, you can continue washing dishes and surfaces the old-fashioned way, too. Norwex isn’t necessary for your to make a success of your probiotics journey. As long as you use soaps that are bleach and antibacterial-substance free, you’ll be okay. We used regular soaps for years with great success, so you can too.

But we’re in love with how easy and effective these little microfiber cloths are, so we encourage you to at least take a look. Click the link below to check out their full catalogue of products.